Fundraising With Gold in Houston

Every fund raising event has a similar goal – raise money for an organization and do it in a way that that helps the community. How to achieve both goals is the key to success and as is true of most complex projects, the devil’s in the details.

The biggest draw back with using traditional fundraising methods is they leave behind items purchased for the event (candle sticks, cups, candles, etc.). What do you do with the Christmas ornaments form 2009? How do you dispose of five-year-old coffee mugs with a big Wasssup from the Budweiser guys on them. Does anyone even remember that anymore?

But disposing of your old Christmas ornaments or outdated coffee mugs isn’t a problem when you use Houston Gold Merchants for your fundraising efforts. We don’t leave you with anything but a feeling of success.         


So why not avoid all that leftover coffee mug/tote bag silliness? How about using a fund raising idea that lets the organizer take a deep breath and relax?


Fund raising using gold and silver with Houston Gold Merchants is the answer for a simple, organized and most importantly, lucrative fund raising event.

Fund raising with gold, with Houston Gold Merchants, lets you focus on what’s really important, the organization itself. We take care of everything else. Most of your patrons have jewelry pieces, both gold and silver, that they no longer wear.  Maybe some items are broken, or out of style. With gold at record high prices, there is no better time to put those old, retired pieces of jewelry to work for a good cause: Your cause.

Here is how it works:

You notify the members of your organization (we’ll even provide the text for your newsletters, emails, etc) of the times and dates. They bring in whatever pieces they would like to have evaluated. Their items will be weighed and purchased on site, right in front of them. Everyone receives a choice of either cash or check and a tax-deductible (if applicable) receipt.

All we require is a table and electricity to help your fundraiser succeed.

So what are you waiting for? Call Houston Gold Merchants and plan to host your fund raising with gold event. The simplest and most lucrative fund raising idea is at your fingertips – and you won’t have any leftover Wassup cups!