You Can Buy Silver Eagles at Houston Gold Merchants

Silver Eagles are a great investment coin. They look great, they’re minted from silver drawn only from American mines, they feature an iconic Adolf Weinman Walking Liberty design and are produced from a single ounce of pure silver. But they’re not for everyone.

They really serve as a great investment for people who are buying a fairly large amount of silver and, at some point in the future, might have to engage in a “sell back event” of some volume. If you’ve got a diverse portfolio already and as a rule, you consider the tax implications of your investment decisions, you’re the best candidate for investment in Silver Eagle coins.

So what is it about Eagles that makes them so important to some buyers but not others? Because a “sell back event” of some volume means you might be subject to reporting the proceeds from that sale to the appropriate parties. And by “you”, I mean the dealer and by “appropriate authorities” I mean the IRS. That’s right – the proceeds from some silver sales are subject to IRS reporting requirements that state that any sell back event of greater than $10,000 is subject to reporting.

Dealers are required to report sales of silver that total more than $10,000 unless that amount is in ¬†American Silver Eagles. ASEs have no sell back event trigger, meaning when you sell them back to a dealer (if you do) you won’t have to make a report and the dealer won’t have to either. Other coins are not exempt from this requirement. Mexican ounzas or Canadian Silver Maple Leafs are not exempt. If you sell back more than $10,000 worth of those coins, a dealer is required to make a report to the IRS on your behalf.

On the other hand, if you have to sell back American Silver Eagles to put a downpayment on a house, send your kids to graduate school, or space camp or whatever, you can sell back your Silver Eagles and you’re done. No reports, no tax implications…nothing.

You can sell 10 million dollars in US eagles, I have no requirement to report. Nice.

Nice luxury, huh? Of course. It’s good to live in America. But you pay for that luxury. Eagles cost a little bit more than other types of silver. But when you consider the benefits of not having the IRS involved in your business, it’s worth it.

If you’d like to consider the benefits of adding American Silver Eagles to your portfolio, please contact Houston Gold Merchants for more information at 832 259 7225.