Buy Silver Eagles in Houston, Texas

If you’re looking for a competitive deal on US Silver Eagles, the premiere investment coin, look no further. Houston Gold Merchants is offering these coins, United States Silver Eagles for 3.79 over spot price. These coins are are the best silver investment and here’s why:

1) They can be included in an IRA and this has specific tax advantages – see your financial advisor.

2) They can be redeemed almost anywhere in the world and are recognized as the among finest of silver bullion

3) They are always worth, at minimum, a dollar. So there’s a built in hedge…

4) They can be redeemed the same day you buy them for a cost that is OVER the current published price of silver on the day you sell them.

No other silver investment bullion retains as much of its value as the US Silver Eagle. It simply can’t be beaten by any other silver investment bullion. If you bought it today, you turn around, before leaving the parking lot and sell it back at more than a dollar over the published spot price.

If you buy more than $1000 worth of these coins, the state of Texas will waive the sales tax and your investment saves you an immediate 8.25% before you’ve even exchanged monies for metal.

It’s all available at Houston Gold Merchants – 2011 South Shepherd in Houston Texas, 77019

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