Silver is “the other” precious metal, considerably less expensive than gold, though there’s actually less of it on the earth. Silver has been used for centuries as money since ancient times and is still used by the United States in the manufacture of investment coins called American Silver Eagles. In addition to coins, you can also buy bars, though the US MINT does NOT manufacture bars. Houston Gold Merchants sells silver bars and silver coins. When you buy investment silver, it will generally come in one of two forms:

  • SILVER COINS .999% PURE (American Silver Eagles or others)
  • BARS .999% PURE (Johnson Matthey, Englehard or others)
  • SILVER COINS .900% PURE (also called “JUNK” Silver)


Coins – US Silver Eagle, Mexican Libertads, Canadian Maple Leafs, all of which are available at Houston Gold Merchants.


libertads are available at houston gold merchants silver canadian maple leafs are available at houston gold merchants American silver eagles are available from Houston Gold Merchants


Minted by several well known, widely recognized mints. The four most common types of bars are Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, Credit Suisse, and Pamp Suisse. These bars are sold with slightly higher premiums than other bars of identical weight and purity. Various silver bars are available at Houston Gold Merchants.



“Junk” silver is the name given to coins that were minted in the United States prior to 1965 and contain 90% silver by weight. These coins are now regularly traded at 20 times face value (at current silver prices) and are exchanged at much lower premiums than pure bullion. Many investors perceive “junk” silver to be the best investment of any kind because it’s value will always be at least the “face”value of the coin itself. An example is the US dime: It currently trades as high as $2.00 each, but will never be worth zero, it will always be worth at least $0.10, no matter how far the price of silver falls. So the investment is considered to have a built-in hedge. Junk silver and silver coins can be purchased at Houston Gold Merchants.

These three forms of silver account for 98% of our transactions and allow our customers to choose some less expensive options when considering precious metals. Below are some important details about each:

Buying Silver from Houston Gold Merchants

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