When Buying Gold – What to Look For?

With the release of the latest Confidence Board’s depressing results –  the lowest since May of 1980, the opportunity for buying gold remain abundant.

If you are not diversifying with precious metals, you’re missing your “Apple” moment. No doubt, two years ago thousands of investors looked at Apple (APPL) when it was $200 a share and said, “I’d like to buy some of that, but it’s so high…there’s no way it’ll go to $300…” And so on and so on…

Well that’s happening again now. Housing prices are down, heading for a quadruple dip, ensuring that the US economy (with the exception of energy centers like Houston) will remain stagnant. This is the time to buy gold in Houston.

Gold may never again be $500/ounce…just like gas isn’t going to be $2 a gallon. But you can buy on the dips and  capitalize on the bad news that hitting the market on a fairly regular basis – news that depresses the price of gold.

With the Eurozone crisis in full swing, gold will continue to be depressed in price, as it is priced in dollars and dollars are the currency of last resort for investors. (for the time being)

So when people flee the Euro, they’re buying dollars, increasing demand and raising the price of the USD. This has the effect of creating the appearance of a depressed price for gold…though it’s actually a combination of dollar strength and gold demand remaining stable.

The longer the crisis persists in Greece, Spain, France and Germany, the more buying opportunities there will be for gold while it’s at May 2011 prices…

Buy gold at Houston Gold Merchants if you’ve not yet diversified your portfolio. You’ll be getting a 15% discount on the prices you’ll be receiving toward the latter part of this year or early in 2013.

Good Investing!!