Buy Silver Bars in Houston

There’s a simple and easy way to hedge against inflation: Silver bars.

But, you’re thinking to yourself, inflation’s not that bad, though. It’s only a couple of percent, right? Things are getting better…the economy’s turning around, right?

Of course it is. Here’s a clue. The price of gas was 1.85 on this date in 2005. But things are fine…in less than ten years, gas has gone up by 80%…but move along, folks. Nothing to see here…just keep believing things are fine…

Coffee, orange juice, soybeans, wheat, corn…all of it is more expensive…but the government doesn’t put food and fuel in the inflation numbers because it’s “too volatile”. Food is volatile. So is gas. So it’s not included. Oh, OK…that makes sense. The things we use the most of to make our civilization work – food and fuel, aren’t figured in to the cost of living as far as the government is concerned?

That’s outrageous. It’s duplicitous. It’s basically a lie. You are being told things are getting better, but a cup of yogurt that used to cost .50 cents now costs .75 cents and there’s 20% less product in the cup. Seriously. When was the last time you saw 16 oz of coffee for sale in a can…those cans have been 13 ounces or less for years…

So here’s a thought. Why don’t you start thinking about investing in something that has, for the last several thousand years, held it’s value better than the fake currency (the US dollar), the value of which has been ruined in about 80 short years…

The slow erosion of the value of the dollar is partly responsible for the uptick in gold and silver prices, so investing in either makes good sense. But particularly silver. Silver has generally tracked gold at 1/40th of the price. But currently silver is is 1/52nd the price of gold, so it’s a good bet.

In general buying silver bars is a great way to store wealth as well as hedge against inflation. And silver bars from Houston Gold Merchants are stackable, storable and redeemable at virtually any time. Particularly  in the one ounce or five ounce variety.

Bars larger than one or five ounces are harder to dispose of and often end up being more trouble to move than smaller bars. So stick with the little bars. They’re safe, easy  and affordable and if you get generic bars, they’re just a few percent over spot, which saves you money.

While there’s no way to guarantee that you’re investments are safe against inflation, the best hedge is precious metals because they move in opposition to the dollar. Historically as the value of the dollar has gone down, the value of gold and silver has gone up. So buy silver bars in Houston from Houston Gold Merchants and count yourself among the lucky ones who’ve figured out that the Consumer Price Index, is about as reliable as a sun dial.