Buying Silver Eagles

So you want to buy Silver Eagles, but you’re unsure. Barack Obama just won the election and you’re worried about what’s going to happen to the economy. At Houston Gold Merchants, we understand the uncertainty. But we have a different take on it. Instead of thinking that you shouldn’t buy because the future is uncertain, we believe this is why you SHOULD buy.

Truth is, no matter which party is in office, this economic uncertainty is present. It hardly matters. Politician’s job is to serve their constituents and that has come to mean that they spend money to make the folks who voted for them happy. Most of the money they spend, the country doesn’t have and can’t afford.  So no matter who’s in office, you can be sure of a these three things: They’ll be spending money, they’ll be printing more money and they’ll be effectively suffocating the economy in the process.

It’s about the only certainty nowadays: Debt will continue to be a part of our economy and  it will continue to strangle the economy. And this is what makes gold and silver one of the best investments right now.

Silver eagles are one way to capitalize on our current crisis…Eagles are among the best investments you can make. They can be redeemed anywhere in the US and many places abroad and when you sell them back, you’re very likely to get a great deal of your original investment back.

For the third year in a row, gold and silver have topped the Dow as an investment. So even though metals aren’t as sexy as tech stocks or Wall Street’s latest darlings, (think Facebook and Groupon, both of which have tanked) metals are still great stores of wealth and over the last five years, there’s no investment vehicle that has brought quite as attractive as a return.

So consider the US Silver Eagle as your next investment opportunity. It can be a tax free way to save money in a self directed IRA and it’s better than Facebook and Groupon.