Cash 4 Gold Stores

It’s mid August in Houston, and two things are hard to escape: the Texas heat and the proliferation of gold stores popping up around town. It’s a seller’s market to be sure, but only informed buyers can take advantage of record prices. So what should people do?

First, use our gold estimator to get an idea of the value of your gold. You can link to it here.

Second, remember that you’re paying for someone process your gold and there’s a fee for that. At Houston Gold Merchants, we charge around 25-30% depending on how much gold you sell. We’ll quote you a price over the phone, show you the numbers when you get here and weigh the gold in front of you on the scale on the counter.

Most stores won’t do that. Gold and Silver Buyers won’t give you a quote. They won’t weigh it in front of you. They won’t show you how they reach the payout. (the payout is how much you walk away with). It’s all very secretive. That’s the way they like it.

I hate that. I hate that everyone’s trying to make it a secret. Why can’t people just do an honest business. Is that SO hard? Apparently it is because the more people I meet, the more they tell me about how this store or that store low-balled them, only to offer them such-and-such a price after they ¬†threatened to walk out.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think if you’re going to go get cash for you gold at one of these stores, you ought to be able to count on the fact that a reasonable rate is offered and an expectation of courtesy.

That isn’t always the case. More often than not, gold buyers in Houston are a duplicitous bunch and they seem to be trying to get over on everybody. Gold and Silver Buyers is among the worst. They consistently offer under 60% of the value of the gold my customers come to me with. I’m right down the street from two different Gold and Silver Buyers stores. And they are almost too easy to beat on price…it’s amazing.

I often send skeptical customers to Gold and Silver Buyers stores to ensure that demonstrate that my prices are so much better!! I can be sure the people behind the desk at Gold and Silver Buyers will try to low ball offer anybody who walks in the door, so it’s a safe bet to send customers down there.

They make my job easier. At Houston Gold Merchants, that’s not the way we do business. We’ll just tell you what the gold is worth, explain to you what we’re going to charge you and let you make the choice. It’s simple, straighforward and very transparent.

Houston Gold Merchants. We’re more than just cash for gold.