Cash for Gold in Houston?

Cash for gold stores are popping up all over the place. What makes a good one? Great prices, people that don’t give you the creeps and reasonable sense of security. So let’s break these down one at a time…

1) Great prices – we got those. We pay you based on a sliding scale that increases with the volume of gold you sell. You sell more than 80 grams, you’ll get among the best prices in town. So on the price front, we’re very competitive. Keep in mind, though -most dealers offer you the LOWEST amount they can and then work their way up. We don’t do that. Our prices are based only on volume – NOT what we can get away with. It’s a reliable, regular, dependable system.

2) People who don’t give you the creeps. Got it. People have been customers have actually stood at the door after bringing the whole family into the store and said, “You know Brian, you’re not skeezy at all…” Which is the polite way of saying, even though you were a commercial pilot, you’ve worked in outside sales for years and you’re a smart, reasonable guy – this industry is full of creepy people. But you’re not too bad. So there’s that.

3) A reasonable sense of security…which we have. Our store door has a buzzer and shades for your privacy and we have an enormous amount of foot traffic at our center. The bagel store (which boast many “Best of Houston” awards) has hundreds of customers on a good day and thousands when they’re busy. They’ve been here 27 years…the nail salon two doors down has been there 17 years. So while we’re not immune to crime, we get lots of foot traffic. It’s busy here and that’s a great security feature.

So there’s the criteria for a good cash for gold store. It’s not hard to be a cash for gold store, but it is hard to be a good one. We’re making sure the word gets out. Houston Gold Merchants is a good cash for gold store.