Cash For Gold? Yes, We Do That…

We do cash for gold. But we do more than that.

At Houston Gold Merchants, we do more than just give you cash for gold. We can help you get the most money for your old jewelry, even if it means we send you to another store who specializes in antiques or watches or diamonds. We have contacts within the industry who can help you get a great deal on your gold or silver or diamond jewelry. So you shouldn’t just settle for cash for gold.

Considering the recent 10-ounce counterfeit gold bars that have appeared in the diamond district in Manhattan, it’s more important than ever to have someone you can trust in the cash for gold business. If you’ve got gold bars to sell, we’ll help you maximize your profits. Because it’s about more than just making a little “cash for gold”, for us. It’s about helping people and building our business slowly, the right way. We’re not doing a get rich quick scheme. We’re trying to be a part of the community. Doing the right thing makes us a consultant to our customers. And I guess that makes us a cash for gold and consulting store.

If you have diamonds that are larger than a 1/2 carat, we buy those. But we also buy the small ones, too. But you’re not going to get much for little diamonds…from anyone. They’re not as valuable as larger stones. But in either case, we’ll give you a competitive offer with no obligation to sell. So even if you don’t sell to us, you’ll still have a good idea of what your stones are worth and you’re less likely to get ripped off when you start comparing prices. We’ll always give you the straight skinny, the truth, the lowdown…its what we do. It’s better than just a cash for gold store. It’s cash for gold – PLUS.

We’re open until six on weekdays and we’re open until 3pm on Saturday. Give us a call at Houston Gold Merchants. We’re more than just a cash for gold store.