What Do You Do? Are You a Gold Buyer in Houston?

So when I meet someone new, outside my circle of friends and they say “Whatya you do?” I always pause…because that’s a tough one…sometimes I say I’m a gold buyer in Houston. Sometimes I say we buy gold. Mostly I say, “I opened one of those gold buying stores you’ve seen popping up all over the place…” and they immediately know what I do…then they sort of look like they might be sick…because the industry has a bad reputation.

It’s not that everyone in the industry is a crook. I’ve met several nice people doing good business. But ANY business where there’s lots of money to be made quickly and without great sacrifice or risk attracts a potentially shady element. The gold buyers in Houston are no different. There are some good gold buyers and some not so good gold buyers.

There is plenty of information on the internet to be able to determine which Houst0n gold buyer is legitimate and which is a fly-by-night operator. Like most big ticket items, it pays to do a little research to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Sadly, most people don’t. So they get taken advantage of by unscrupulous buyers – and thus the reputation of all gold buyers in Houston becomes suspect.

So if you’re looking for a gold buyer in Houston that will show you the numbers, one who falls into the “good business” category and who falls into the bad, visit www.houstongoldmerchants.com and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed – we’ll show you the numbers.