How to Find the Gold Buyers in Houston

Where are the best gold buyers in Houston? Who will give you the best price for your gold?


The fact is, there are probably lots of decent buyers in a variety of places across the Houston area, but without doing some research, you can’t know for sure.


But short of walking around and visiting each of the hundreds of stores in the Houston area, a better plan is to visit Google or Yelp and use the resources available there to determine who offers the best service for you.


By using the power of the internet, you can save yourself time, and more importantly you can save money when you look for a gold buyer in Houston.


Because when you search for a gold buyer, you’re not only looking for the best price, you’re also looking for good service. And when I say service, I mean SERVICE. If you’re looking for just the best price, you’re liable to get someone who is also focused only on the money. And when that happens, when vendors only care about making money, they’re not always going to provide the best service.


Here’s an example. Your mother or your great aunt leaves you a ring, it’s got a large stone in it, it’s not something you’d wear, but you know it’s old. But that’s all you know. Maybe the stone is worth a lot, maybe it’s not…maybe the ring is better sold as a piece, not as gold scrap…who will tell you that?


At Houston Gold Merchants, we’ll evaluate the provenance, the HISTORY of the ring, the origin of the ring and who it was purchased from to determine its value. We do more than just buy gold. We help customers get the best deal, not just the best price- from a gold buyer in Houston.


Don’t get me wrong, gold buyers in Houston aren’t all bad. But low barriers to entry and the opportunity to make lots of money usually attract people who can most charitably be described as “unsavory.”


So to find the best gold buyers in Houston, check their references on Google and use sites like Yelp or Angie’s List.  You can  use these sites to help you determine who’s who in the gold buying zoo.