How to Find a Houston Gold Buyer

How do you find a good gold buyer? Truthfully, it takes a little work. You have to do some research to get the answers you’re looking for.

First step – avoid the noise. Ads that scream “We Pay More” are often misleading. Expect that if Houston gold buyers like Gold and Silver Buyers pay the high price of advertising, you’ll get less. That just makes sense, right?

So if they do billboard advertising, or radio, or television – that costs a small fortune. And that small fortune is coming from your gold. So keep that in mind.

The second step is to visit a couple stores and compare prices. Most dealers don’t like you to compare prices and they’ll pressure you to do a transaction. It’s called “strong arming” the customer. But you can still get prices, because they’ve got to tell you what they’ll pay before you make a decision. Just be strong, ask them to price it for you and then if you don’t like it, you can walk out. At Houston Gold Merchants, unlike a lot of ¬†gold buyers in Houston, we’ll give you a quote without expecting you to sell…

The third step is to know how much your gold is worth. You can figure that out by using our gold value calculator…here’s a link to the calculator.

Once you have the total value of the gold, remember that you’ll have to pay the vendor for his services. Usually, that’s between 25-30% of the value of your gold.

So if you have 500 dollars of gold, you’ll pay the vendors approximately $100-150 depending on the vendor.

If you have questions about how to find a gold buyer in Houston, don’t hesitate to call Brian at Houston Gold Merchants…we’ll give you advice, guidance or consolation without charge…we want you to get the most for your gold and often times we can offer you the best price. Sometimes we can’t. But no matter what, you’ll always get the truth.