Gold Buyer in Houston – and I Don’t Like Pants

Part of the reason I started my own store was I like the freedom of being my own boss. It has its drawbacks, yes. But it has its strengths as well. It allows me to wear shorts to work virtually every day. And I like that. Because I don’t like pants. I didn’t figure that out until recently. If I can avoid wearing pants, I’ll do it. I’ve stayed in Houston, Texas, in part because I can wear shorts for most of the year. So the combination of the job I do, plus the city I live in allows me to avoid wearing pants. And that’s a good thing. Because I HATE pants. So I’m glad we got that out of the way.

So I’m a gold buyer in Houston, Texas. Now, buying gold isn’t the lucrative business it was just a few years ago. Competition has grown and I’m just a small store and receipts have definitely declined. But I’m happier if I’m doing fair, sensible transaction rather than “getting over” on someone and making a killing. I have a reasonable income. I make money here and there, but I’m not getting rich…I’m getting by.

But it’s hard to get that word out. I do deals that are fair, most of the time I leave lots of money on the table because most people don’t know what they’re getting into and I pay very well.  But I feel comfortable doing that. I feel comfortable buying gold in Houston and giving a good price to everyone.

We give everyone 70% to start. If you sell a large amount of gold, we’ll pay you more than 70%…but most people trade in small amounts and we pay well for those. Gold buying isn’t complicated. There’s a value placed on the gold, we give the customer a large percentage of that and keep a percentage for the store and keep the process going.

It’s pretty simple. Buying gold in Houston should be a simple transaction. At Houston Gold Merchants, we make it simple. We show you the price of gold, we weigh the gold in front of you, on the counter (where our scale is, so you can see it) and then we give you a total. If you like the total, if it seems fair and in line with what you expected, then we give you your money. You have to present a state-issed ID, and fill out a brief form, but that’s about it. Simple.

The way it should be. We’re Houston Gold Merchants- and we’re taking the mystery out of buying gold in Houston. So if you need cash for gold, but without the mystery, give us a try.