Which Gold Buyer Pays the Most?

We just had a customer who we’d done a previous deals with stop by the OTHER gold buyers in Houston who have 80 stores and will (in the blog) remain nameless. The customer was offered 45% for their gold.

Now, at Houston Gold Merchants, we offer competitive pricing. Seriously. We start at 70% and go up from there. But compared to 45%? We look like SUPER GOLD BUYER compared to those clowns! I mean, 45%? That’s shameful.

But because of their million dollar ad campaign, they seem to be getting a ton of business. I mean, here I am writing on my blog and I’m writing about them!! Another gold buyer on my blog, for pete’s sake!! They must be something if they’re on MY blog!!

And they’re opening a second store less than a mile from me!! This is two stores both about six blocks away from me. They probably don’t know I’m here…but I’ll go introduce myself at some point.

As a gold buyer, I want the industry to remain clean and honorable. If people are paying 45%, that’s not helping the gold buying industry. It’s certainly not helping the customer. And it’s certainly not helping the community. It’s not helping the employees of the stores, because they’re not getting paid squat. It’s helping their owner. Helping them to keep shopping at Saks, while everyone else tries to pay the light bill.

It really gets under my skin. So if you’re looking for gold buyers in Houston, don’t go to that big chain that has 80 stores and tells you what a great deal they give. They don’t. Look up gold buyers on google and trust the reviews of the various people who’ve already done some business…people will usually only put a review on their when they’re really happy or really mad…so take that into consideration when you read through them all. Gold buyers in Houston that pay 45%?? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

Houston Gold Merchants starts at 70% and goes up from there. Every piece, every time. We hope you’ll come see us.