The Matrix: Gold and Silver Buyers Morphs Into Goldwiser

Keanu Reaves, Christopher Reeve's Younger, Less Talented First Cousin, Once Removed

Keanu Reeves, Christopher Reeve’s Younger, Less Talented First Cousin, Once Removed

In the 1999 film the Matrix, Neo, the character played by Keanu Reeves, does a lot of running around an alternate universe trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not…Reeves gives perhaps his best known performance as the constantly befuddled savior of the parallel world. And trust me, befuddled is something Reeves can do exceptionally well. He’s the King of Befuddled. “Whoa.”

Selling gold in Houston can be similar to being in the Matrix. It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not. Who’s a good guy gold buyer and who’s the dude in the sunglasses who keeps calling you “Mr. Anderson”? Remember that guy? The creepy guy. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. There’s a TON of those guys in the Houston Gold Buyers Matrix. They’re always lurking, trying to get a shot off on you when you’re least expecting it. So you sort of have to have a plan…note to self: When selling gold in Houston, have a plan.

Here’s a plan: Avoid the groups that seem Matrix-y. The firm formerly known as Gold and Silver Buyers is one of them. They’re trying to reconstitute themselves as GOLDWISER – get it? You’re WISER if you buy your GOLD from them…GET IT? Verrrrrrrry Matrix-y. It’s old but it’s new. It’s true, but it’s not true. What’s real – and what’s the Matrix? Wow – so clever…So are you with me? You’re buying gold from them, so you’re WISER…See?

Only you’re not. You’re buying from the former Gold and Silver Buyers and they’re still over-charging people and trying to create an alternate universe by lots of advertising and now, rebranding. Very Matrix-y, Gold and Silver Wisenheimers…or whatever your name is…

It’s a very Matrix-y sort of approach. Rebrand, rename, pretend you’re not who you were…create confusion, keep people off balance…the only thing they’re NOT doing is condescendingly calling you Mr. Anderson while they’re pointing a gun at you when they charge through the door. Or when they bust through the wall, or make some other Matrix-y sort of entrance.  See, that’s not our style. We’re Houston Gold Merchants. We’re not busting through walls or stopping bullets in mid-flight. And we’re so boring compared to the Matrix.

And here’s the thing: I’m their competition, so I have something to be gained by warning people about them. I get that. But here’s what I’m saying – we buy gold differently. We’re not Matrix-y about it. We just show you pricing, let you decide. But don’t take my word for it. Check our reviews on Yelp, here or check out our Google reviews here and then you decide.

Do you want to be stuck in a Matrix-y sort of situation? Or do you want to understand the process and get a great price for your gold?

We’ll just explain what’s going on and if you want to sell, awesome. We’re here to help. But if you don’t, that’s okay, too. Either way, we just don’t want you to fall into an alternate universe with that dude with the Ray Bans chasing you down a hallway until you’ve developed stronger powers – like the kind that will allow you to stop the bullets in mid-flight and then make Mr. Sunglasses cry like a baby when you put your fist literally through his body. Awesome. Or until you learn to do that bend over backwards thing to avoid the bullets. Also awesome.

Houston Gold Merchants – we’re Houston Gold Buyers – but we don’t make you feel all Matrix-y.