Gold Buyers in Houston?

Here’s a quick note to all the gold buyers in Houston. Most signs point to current trends as a buying opportunity, including the news that yesterday, Egan Jones, the little credit rating agency that could (you key remember them as the gutsy little outfit that downgraded the United States credit rating TWICE IN A YEAR when all the other firms were afraid to do so!!) just downgraded German debt because of their exposure to Eurozone liabilities.

In a world full of smoke and mirrors and lies and corruption, it’s good to see someone calling it like it is. The United States debt condition is a shameful mess, but so is China’s and Germany’s and France’s and everyone else’s. Including the crappy little city of Stockton, California, now the largest city in the United States to declare bankruptcy.

Greed, corruption and deceit are everywhere. From China’s uninhabited ghost cities to the unregulated derivatives trading that threatens to undermine the entire Western banking system. Virtually everywhere you look, the fix is in.

Where does it stop? Hard to say…but at Houston Gold Merchants, we’ll do our best to keep you informed of the things that make gold move and the trends that you might take advantage of.

Most of the most recent news is a huge benefit to gold buyers. The price is low, and it’s very likely to go up…you should buy while you can. Look around. Ask yourself how we get out of the debt hole we’re in. Can we? I doubt it.

But if you recognize this as an opportunity to be a Houston Gold Buyer – do it now, before the market realizes how underpriced gold really is.