Gold Buyers In Houston 77019, 77008, 77379

If you’re trying to figure out the best gold buyers in Houston, check their reviews on Google. I’m not saying Google is the ONLY way to judge, but it’s sort of like asking 8000 of your closest friends and getting their opinion.

Because, if you think about it – You’re only going to get two types of reviews. You’re going to get the people that are really, really, happy and those who are really annoyed.

At Houston Gold Merchants, we send folks home with lots of money and they’re really, really happy. They keep referring their friends to us so we ‘re weathering the storm of volatile commodity prices while others are closing their doors. By continuing to treat people fairly, giving people high payouts and great pricing on their gold and silver jewelry, we think we’re doing business the right way. If they decide to sell their gold to us, it’s because we’re an honest gold buyer. And there aren’t many of us around.

We need to make a little profit and we’ll show you how it works. We want you to recommend us to your friends, so we’ll always give you a better deal than most.

Gold buyers are closing their doors all over town, but not us. We’ve expanded. We’re not renaming our stores in an effort to shed our reputation (Goldwiser) and we’re not closing because we’re poorly managed…we’re expanding because people keep choosing us as their gold buyer when they are interested in selling gold.

I say this all the time “It’s not rocket science,” when referring to selling gold. It’s mostly just doing the math. We’ll do the math in front of you, show you how the system works and then if you want to sell your gold to us, you’re welcome to do so. If you choose not to sell your gold, we know at the very least, you’ll be more educated about the decisions you’re making.

So choose wisely. Take a look at the various reviews and decide for yourself. Our customers keep coming back because they don’t get that creepy feeling when they’re selling their gold. Whether it’s somebody’s grandma selling their 20-year-old earrings or a recent graduate selling their high school class ring, we treat everyone with a degree of courtesy and respect that everyone appreciates. It’s not a magical formula. It’s just being nice to people who come to sell their gold. You’ll always get a warm welcome, you’ll always be treated nicely, you’ll never get the creeps at our stores.

So visit Houston Gold Merchants. We’re not changing our name. We’re proud of what we’ve done over the last three years. And once you come to our stores, you’ll see why people who do their research sell their gold at Houston Gold Merchants.