Gold Buyers In Houston? Beware…


Apparently, our ranking on the Google has helped some people find us. I just spoke with a lady who said we were ranked 27/30 on the Google…that stands in fairly stark contrast to our competitors who seem to take great joy in paying low prices to customers and making money for the short term. We’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing: giving people good, fair deals, slowly building momentum, doing the right thing. We’re not like the other gold buyers in Houston, we won’t start a conversation with “How much did you want to get for this…”

Gold buyers in Houston seem to start a lot of conversations with “How much did you want to get for this…” referring to the gold you bring in. It’s a disingenuous and deceptive way to do business because it puts the onus of pricing the commodity on the customer, who usually does not have any idea what their gold is worth.

We’re gold buyers of a different sort. We show you the numbers: We show you the price of gold, we show you the weight of your metal, (we weigh it on the scale on the front counter) and then we do the math with you. You’ll be able to follow the process from beginning to end. It’s pretty straight forward. But we won’t do the old gold buyer standby: “How much do you want for this…”

On my first trip to see a gold buyer, I got an eerie feeling that I was being deceived. Maybe it was just me. I don’t know…it just seemed like the guy was keeping information from me. He didn’t asks me about myself, where I got the metal I’d asked him to look at, nothing. Just acted all weird and deceptive. That was enough to make me think that I could be a gold buyer in Houston without acting like the other gold buyers in Houston.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s certainly not the biggest rip-off ever perpetrated against the public, but it’s still pretty big. Billions of dollars in gold have been sold at prices that approach half of what should be paid…

At Houston Gold Merchants, we believe that gold buyers, and for that matter, all retailers have an obligation to their community to sell and buy at prices that enable them to make a profit but also strengthen the community at large. By NOT ripping people off, by putting some money back into the community, gold buyers in Houston have an opportunity to support their community instead of just taking away from it. We’d prefer to add to the community instead of just taking away…We’re Houston Gold Merchants – sure we’ll make a profit, but we’re doing it honestly and transparently.