Gold Buyers in Houston – Sketchy or Not?

When I tell people I buy people’s gold when they want to sell their gold in Houston, they sometimes say this business is sketchy. And I agree. There are some unsavory characters among gold buyers. It’s part of the reason that I started my store. I sensed that there were plenty of creepy gold buyers in Houston and I thought it’d be great to have a few who WEREN’T creepy.

I came to this industry from commercial aviation. In aviation, sketchy people are weeded out early. Drug testing takes care of a few, peer pressure to behave a certain way takes care of a few, FAA regulations take care of the rest…you hardly ever crossed paths with really sketchy guys.

Not true in the gold buyer business. There’s a lot of shady characters. And I only say that to acknowledge what most people already have a sense of. There are some gold buyers in Houston who have, shall we say,

a questionable ethical code?

I’ve met several. Some of them are decent folks. Some are not. Most of them do business in a different way than I do. As a gold buyer in Houston, I want to have a great reputation and I’m not as concerned about making a ton of money. My needs are simple. I drive a 12-year-old car. I’m probably the only gold buyer in town who isn’t rolling in a fancy car.

I just would rather be a decent reasonable gold buyer and sleep well at night…

So what’s that mean for you? Well, if you choose Houston Gold Merchants as your gold buyer, you’ll get a full explanation of the costs and prices associated with your sale. We don’t just tell you a number. We SHOW you how we got there. We walk you through the process.