Gold Buyers in Houston

Gold Buyers in Houston

Gold buyers in Houston are a motley crew…I don’t know very many of them, but a few. One guy is an ex-pro ballplayer who did a few years with the Detroit Tigers and retired. Another Houston gold buyer was accepted into a relatively prestigious medical program at UTMB but decided to ride the gold wave until it subsides. He’s a smart guy.

I know another gold buyer in Houston who’s just sort of a shady character across the board and has had a variety of jobs, and is a bit of an opportunist. He’s a bit sketchy.

Then there’s the kid who’s a gold buyer in Houston, but he lives in his mom’s basement. (I’m serious) And there’s the gold buying girl, who’s background I don’t know much about, but I’m sure is as varied as the rest.

I’m an ex-pilot. I fall into a similar mold as the rest of the gold buyers in Houston. I’m a gold buyer/pilot/former medical sales guy/ex-military. And so it goes.

Houston gold buyers come from all walks of life it appears. I even know a guy who’s a gold buyer in Houston who used to own a scrap metal lot.

And like any mixture of people there are good guys and bad guys. Of course I like to think of myself as one of the gold buyers in Houston who’s a good guy. I tell the truth, I show everyone the information they need to make a good decision. I turn down deals when people aren’t ready to sell their gold. I’m a gold buyer in Houston, but I’m also a guy who likes to sleep at night. So I do the right thing. I’m not a saint, just honest.

Just because you’re a gold buyer doesn’t mean you’re a sleazy character. I actually had someone say that to me on the way out the door one time. “Ya know, Brian you’re not sleazy at all…” which was sort of a compliment. Sort of. But I’m afraid it also means that the bar is set pretty low. If all I have to do to set my

self apart form the crowd is NOT be sleazy, that’s not the most ambitious business goal, right?

It’s a big switch from pilot to gold buyer. When I was a pilot, people would ask which airline I worked for and then oooh and ahhh when I’d explained what I did…then they’d tell me about someone THEY knew who was also a pilot. And I’d nod politely and I was immediately thought of as an honorable guy.

When I tell someone I’m among the hundreds of gold buyers in Houston, they say “Oh,” and then they look around suspiciously to see who might have seen them talking to me…like it’s a bad thing. And at that point, I am are clearly NOT considered honorable.

But it’s a great job. I like it a lot, being a gold buyer in Houston. It’s great fun, I get to meet a ton of interesting people and hear their stories. For me it’s a great gig. And it has a nice ring to it: Gold buyer in Houston.