Gold Coins vs Gold Bars – Which Should I Buy

So you want to know where to buy gold coins in Houston, or maybe where to buy gold bars in Houston? Which is better to buy and where do you go? Well, when purchasing gold bullion, first do your research. Find a reputable dealer, check their Yelp or Google reviews, (here’s ours) get word of mouth referrals – but also, read this:

If you’re considering a bullion purchase – large or small, lean toward state minted coins. Doesn’t matter which coins, just make sure they’re from a national mint. US Mint, Canadian Mint, Mexican Mint, Perth Mint…that’s what I mean by state…a country.

Any one of these is fine and the reason is simple: You can verify the specifications of a coin very easily. With the internet close by, you can simply google “American Gold Eagle specifications” and that will make it considerably easier to ensure that you’re not the victim of an unscrupulous (or even unwitting) dealer selling fake gold coins. Coins make sense because you can check them. You simply can’t verify the diameter, thickness and weight of a bar…they’re all different sizes.

But coins from the same mint – they’re the same size. Every time…But I know what you’re thinking…what are the odds. How likely is it that I’m going to get ripped off with a counterfeit…?

It doesn’t happen much, but when it does happen, it’s not widely publicized. But it happens. That’s why the Chinese keep doing it They’ll fake anything and everything – but they’re not the only ones. faking gold bars So the best advice when you’re new is to buy coins. Until you’ve got a relationship with a buyer in Houston, you should consider staying with coins. Because while the chances that you’ll ever get ripped off are very slim, You don’t want to take a chance when buying gold. It’s too expensive to make a mistake.

Buy gold, yes. But buy it safely and from a dealer you know…and finally – stick with coins. Buying gold is a great way to reduce the effects of inflation and Houston has a million places to buy, Houston Gold Merchants is just one of them – but don’t make it any more exciting than it has to be.

If you have questions about buying or selling gold or any other precious metal – call Brian at Houston Gold Merchants. I’m the owner, operator – head bottle washer. And I’m happy to answer you questions. Call anytime: 832-259-7225