So We’re Gold Merchants…We Buy Gold. But wait – we buy watches.

So we’ve survived the contraction…still have our two stores, though we briefly flirted with three…our northernmost store went away…but here’s the deal. We’re still buying gold. Just not in the quantity it came in before…but we still buy gold jewelry, gold coins, gold almost anything else…silverware, silver jewelry…we’re still doing that. But we’re going to expand our enterprise.

We’re gonna buy watches. Rolex, Omega, Breitling – all the bigger names. We’ll take a look at lesser watches like Tag Heuer and others, but mostly we’ll be focusing on the higher end watches…simply because there’s better resale value in them. Particularly Rolex…because it’s a very well known brand and almost always in high demand.

So yes, we’ll still be buying gold and silver. It’s what we’ve survived on. But we’re adding to our repertoire. We’re adding watches.

In fact, a rebranding may even need to occur…perhaps Houston Gold Merchants and Watch Exchange might be a better name for the business. We’ll consider it. Buying gold will still be our bread and butter…but we’re like any business, expansion and capturing a larger market share is important to our growth and survival.

We look forward to continue to do business with our current clients and as future opportunities present themselves, we’ll try to capitalize on those.

Houston Gold Merchants – made it through the gold slowdown and still growing and expanding.