Gold and Silver Buyers – Nearly Dead or Dying…

Brian Culwell and his Gold and Silver Buyers stores are slowly dying off. For me it’s like watching the wicked step-mother (who you never liked) take her last dying breaths on her death bed – it’s great because you always hated her, but it’s sad because…well, no it’s not. It’s not sad. It’s not sad at all. I’m thrilled, actually.

I’m not glad that people are going to lose their jobs, or that customers are going to be inconvenienced…but just read their reviews…they were TERRIBLE for the gold and silver buying industry.

I’ve heard so many horror stories about people getting ripped off by those folks, it’s a wonder people didn’t catch on sooner. But you have to do your homework – well, actually no you don’t. I’ve done it for you –

8 months ago
When you call Gold & Silver buyers they have a recording stating, “If you just sold your Gold & Silver to someone else, you just lost money.” That is a flat out LIE! their first offer will be 40% and and won’t go up much more than 50%! You can …More
Vanessa Hammonds

a year ago
I was quoted $149 for my diamond ring and a necklace I wanted to sell. I went to Cash America Pawn off Almeda to sell the same jewelry and they offered me $200 for *just* the ring. They do NOT pay you the most for your jewelry guys!!!!!
It’s just encouraging to know that the end is near for what many, including the Houston Press thought was a fairly scurrilous business. Gold and silver buyers around the city are celebrating the death of an industry pariah.
As an honest gold buyer, I can tell you I couldn’t be happier to see them go.
Try Houston Gold Merchants…we’ll just show you the price of gold, weigh your gold in front of you and then give you a good deal…
It’s simple really.