Gold and Silver Buyers


Read this first. The City of Houston has changed the way gold and silver buyers do business in the city. They’re requiring vendors to photograph each seller, take a thumbprint and record each item sold. This is as of June 1, 2013…

They’re also requiring temporary vendors have the same licenses as permanent vendors. So these fly-by-night organizations that come in to rip people off can’t do business any more in Houston.

I say it’s about time. These companies that came in to the city, rented a hotel meeting room and then ripped people off had no motivation to give customers a good deal. They were never going to see you again after buying your gold. They give you a below market price for your gold jewelry or your class ring and then hit the road for the next town.

It’s bad for business and it’s bad for the industry.

At Houston Gold Merchants, we’ve been ahead of this trend for months…in fact – we’re selling our software to the other gold dealers to make sure THEY’RE in compliance with the City of Houston’s new rules.

If you want to sell your gold and get a good deal, try Houston Gold Merchants. We’re not leaving town in the morning. We live here. And we’ve got to live with ourselves when the deal is done.

Houston Gold Merchants – we buy and sell gold and silver.