Gold and Silver Buying Stores are Closing Everywhere

Don’t look now, but some folks in the gold are telling me that there’s a staffing problem at Houston’s Gold and Silver Buyers! All you have to do is look around you and you’ll find an abandoned gold store here or a busted lease there that once belonged to the high flying Gold and Silver Buyers in Houston.

Just a year or two ago, the owners were the talk of the town, feted as entrepreneurial geniuses and hailed as brilliant captains of industry. The husband and wife duo who ran the show were featured in all the society pages, dressed to the nines in all their black tie finery. Rubbing elbows with actual titans of industry must’ve been heady stuff for the guy who Houston Press said spent much of the 90s either under indictment, on parole or in the clink.

Now they can’t keep stores open. Or at least they’re not keeping the one down the street from us open. People are streaming in here every day  asking me what happened to the store down the street. And they’re referring to Gold and Silver buyers…

What did happen? Has the gold selling public wised up to Gold and Silver Buyers business model? Have they figured out that there are plenty of places in town where you can sell your gold and many of them will give you a better deal than those guys?

Perhaps. They WERE first on the scene and they have banked a TON of money…but what a burn rate!!

I’m just glad to continue to be able to give people reasonable deals on gold and silver purchases and sales. I’ve got low rent, so I can pay more than most people and I do. I won’t beat every single deal out there. I won’t win every price battle, but I’ll be competitive. I can certainly say that I never paid anyone nearly as low as my competitor (who shall remain nameless) whose name rhymes with Rold and Rilver Ruyers…

I’ve always paid my customers better. We’ve still go the best marks on Google, I think. We’ve still got the most honest search results, the most honest transactions…we are, sadly for me – still giving people great deals when people are selling gold and silver in Houston.

So if you want to sell gold or silver in Houston, I hope you’ll call me. I’m always willing to quote you on your gold and silver items over the phone, I don’t ever ask you “How much do you want to get for this,” – I just pay you a fair price for what it’s worth. Always.