How Gold Can Simplify Your Life

So the economy is teetering (again) and your main concern is how to pick the right stocks that will get you through the potential armaggedon, ensure the financial safety of your family and protect your nest egg. Let me help you with your picks…Ready? OK, here goes. Get out. Get out of the market.

Don’t depend on the stock market. The idea that the stock market can help you build wealth is part of an antiquated paradigm. It does not exist in the same form that your father depended on for wealth building. It’s a different world now, there isn’t a reliable investment vehicle that can build your wealth dependably for the next thirty years. Real estate? Probably not. Staying with the same company for 30 years? Nope. Things are different now.

But how about gold? Gold is different. But gold isn’t an alternative to stocks. It’s a different investment vehicle that can be part of a portfolio that is broadly diversified.

Gold has historically worked in opposition to the stock market, protecting investors from losses in times of economic uncertainty. But as institutional investors have begun to invest heavily in gold as the price began to increase in the early 2000s, gold began to behave more like the stock market instead of in opposition to it. This has confused investors. But the nature of gold has not changed. Gold remains one of the only commodities in the world that has a several thousand year history of being used in trade and as currency.

Gold will be here when this economy crashes, so you might as well be holding some in your portfolio.

Houston Gold Merchants offers gold in a variety of forms, but recommends you buy gold coins, not bars…for reasons we will explain in another post.