The Gold Standard In Smooth

Seriously, how smooth is Spain. After asking for direct capitalization of its banks in an effort to bypass the austerity requirements that are commingled with ECB loans, Spain called a last minute press conference today to declare its intention to ask for financing through normal channels in an effort to stave off its growing debt crisis.

Let’s give them a round of applause for trying to avoid the difficult conditions that come with a European Central Bank loan – and by difficult conditions I mean conditions like not retiring when you’re fifty, not taking disability when you can actually work, not getting paid to have children, working until you’ve contributed a fair amount to the country’s retirement program and all the rest…those ¬†difficult conditions. Jesus!! Is everyone in Southern Europe on the dole?

Houston Gold Merchants salutes the efforts of the liars and the slackers and the malingerers…because they will eventually push the price of gold higher and I’ll have more business. Thank you, Spain.

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Cash for Gold – It’s better than living in Spain.