Goldwiser – The “New and Improved” Gold and Silver Buyers (like a scary clown in different make-up)

What’s Goldwiser?

It’s Gold and Silver Buyers in different logos…

Ahhh, the beauty of rebranding. What a of miracle of marketing it is that in just a few short months, a company that has given  people crappy deals for years can turn around, change their logo, close a few stores and suddenly be reborn as Goldwiser. The miracles never cease.Unknown The cause of this miraculous rebirth? Over time, G&SBs ran into a string of bad press, internet comments and dissatisfied customers. Despite their huge ad budget and a monumental advertising effort on TV and radio, in  newsprint and on the internet, they still couldn’t survive in their original form.  So they became Goldwiser instead of Gold and Silver Buyers. The internet eventually spread the word that their prices sucked and so they were forced to circle the wagons and regroup (rebrand).

Indeed, the inter webs superhighway is the great equalizer. The interwebs always sniffs out a faker over time. In the old days, you could be a big fake, but as long as you kept up a constant blitzkreig of marketing razzle-dazzle, you could fool most of the people most of the time. Keep up the barrage: TV commercials, print ads, a radio campaign…just keep hammering away and you’d convince people that your deals were good. And Gold and Silver Buyers did just that…they used traditional media to convince people they could come get a good deal. But alas, their cover was eventually blown. These days, the interwebs will eventually sniff out a bad player. I mean, think about the power of the web for a minute:

The internet was critical in the Arab Spring, transforming dictatorships like Egypt into burgeoning democracies (even though some of the elected governments weren’t exactly the United States’ first choices)

You think a group like Gold and Silver Buyers can outlast the web? Not a chance…you can’t give people bad prices for their stuff forever…eventually word gets out. So in the case of Gold and Silver Buyers, it appears they’ve finally had to rebrand because the pressure became too intense. You can only repeat the tagline so many times before underwhelming customer reaction forces you to change your tune.

To their credit, Gold and Silver Buyers…er, excuse me, The Goldwiser…or is it Gold Wiser or GoldWise…errrrr – whatever. Anyway…they held their ground for a long time…they kept charging unreasonably high prices for buying gold – all the while telling people that they were the best prices in town. Well…let’s see what hocus-pocus they pull this time…

It worked for a while and now they’re called Gold Wise – ERRRR. I’m reminded of the three Budweiser frogs.

Only difference is that the three frogs were actually interesting marketing. This is just weird rebranding and reminds me of a scary clown in make-up. Like a scary clown from a Steven King novel…I’m afraid. You should be, too.

Instead, try a store that’s not ashamed of their reputation or their logo. We’re just people who believe that business is good when everyone gets a good deal. We make a little money, you make a bunch. No lies, no gimmicks, no re-branding. Just honest deals on gold and silver and everyone wins. And no scary clowns.

Houston Gold Merchants in River Oaks, Upper Kirby, South Hampton Rice University…and now with a new location in Spring, Texas…