Goldwiser – All is Not Well

Gold and Silver Buyers website is now only partially operational. Their locations page is not working at all, while other parts may or may not be operational.

According to an ex-employee, things are sort of crazy over there…this employee said the owners may be getting divorced, and the firm is now paying 32% on gold and silver purchases…OUCH!!! No wonder the guy got rich!!! Owner Brian Culwell was also quoted as saying he’s feeling like the Lord might be calling him to do mission work…so he may be leaving Houston…good riddance I say. You’ve done enough good work here, dude. Beat it.

Think of the tens of thousands of people who walked into those stores over the past five years and got paid 32% on their gold, according to this ex-employee.

It’s amazing to think about.

Meanwhile, here at Houston Gold Merchants, we’re still paying 65% for the smallest amounts of gold and 85% for the largest volume sales…

The choice is yours Houston – get paid next to nothing or do your research…

Houston Gold Merchants – at least we have a soul.