Is Now a Good Time to Sell Gold?

Is now a good time to sell my gold? That’s still the million dollar question…or if you have just a few grams of gold, it’s still the hundred dollar question.

The answer is Рnobody knows. The gold market, in my opinion is manipulated. Like so many of the commodities on American markets, the movements of gold on the market are subject to the whims of a very small group of power brokers who have profound influence over the direction of the market and use insider information to their advantage. Regular people like you and me just sort of stand around and watch the effects of their actions.

And one of the effects of a manipulated market is: you can’t know what’s coming. It could go up or down, but you won’t be able to predict it and you’ll just have to make some plays and see where they come out.

In essence, you’re gambling at a large, sanctioned casino. But here’s the important point to remember. If you’re buying gold and silver, at Houston Gold Merchants or someplace else, the chips you’re using are valuable. Gold is real. It has had value that has stood the test of time for centuries…so sell your old gold or buy your bullion gold, it doesn’t really matter.

If you by gold, buy it because you plan to hold it for decades…it will still be worth mostly what it’s worth today or more. It won’t explode in value, it won’t make you rich like Warren Buffet, lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills rich…but you’ll realize in 10 years or twenty years that it was a good buy…It’s simply a good protector of your wealth..

If you sell gold to Houston Gold Merchants, don’t wonder if you’ll get a better deal in three days…or three weeks because – you might. But the price of gold could fall as well. The truth is if you get $240 today, because you sold, only THAT is guaranteed. Everything else is just speculation, a guess.

People like Jim Cramer are paid a lot to guess. In fact, some of the same people saying gold is going to fall more are the same people who called for gold to go to $2000 just a year or so ago…they have NO IDEA what they’re talking about. The only sure thing is that nobody’s really sure what’s going to happen next. Houston Gold Merchants is one of the few places you’ll hear that from.

At Houston Gold Merchants, if you’re selling gold we’ll tell you we don’t know what’s going to happen. If you’re buying from Houston Gold Merchants, we’ll tell you we don’t know what’s going to happen. Make the decision that’s best for you. We’ll try to help you get where you decide you need to go…

Remember to keep diversity as the hallmark of your investment strategy…

You’ll be glad you did…regardless of what happens to gold.

We appreciate that you consider Houston Gold Merchants when you plan to sell your gold in Houston. Thanks.