Still a Great Place to Sell Your Gold, Houston

I just had a great conversation with a former employee of a large chain of gold buying stores in Houston. This is the same group that was featured in a recent Houston Press story outlining the fact that their founder spent some time in prison, ¬†under indictment or on probation for much of the 90s. The chain has more than 100 stores. Are we clear on who we’re talking about? OK, good.

Anyway, she insists that they offer 45% for their gold purchases. No wonder Houston Gold Merchants is such a great deal!! We’re offering 80% more than our competitors are.

Sadly, it’s how big business operates these days. Use advertising and a strong market presence to make yourself known, then rip people off. Once you become the market leader, crush them all. Houston Gold Merchants doesn’t do that. We give you the best price for your gold with no gimmicks.

We’ll show you the numbers, then give you a much better price for your gold. You’ll never feel cheated or ripped off, here. It’s part of our philosophy to make sure people feel comfortable with the process. You’ll get more money for your gold when you sell your gold in Houston to Houston Gold Merchants.

Based on what I’m hearing about this particular other chain, you’d be better to shop around a bit, even though they seem to be on every street corner.