Greedy Gollums and Gold Buyers…

Maybe I’m just getting older and more observant. But it seems like just about every day I hear a story about how this guy rigged a system to make more money or this person ripped off those people or did something bad, or cheated someone out of something…it’s a shame.

I’m sure it happens in every business. But I think it probably happens in the gold buying business more than some others. Although I used to work with folks in the oil business and they had a similar get rich quick, rip off the other guy attitude as well. But even though that mentality is pervasive among Houston Gold Buyers, I’m not gonna do that.

I’m just going to continue giving people a good price on precious metals. I’ll continue telling them when they might be able to get a better deal doing something else (like selling it as a piece of jewelry or taking it to another store) because I want people to get the most for their money.

I don’t do it because I’m a saint. I do it because it’s better for all of us to live in a place where everyone’s not a greedy dirtbag. If you’re an energy company and you mine coal, but you don’t install proper ventilation for your workers and give them safeguards against the hazards of their job, you’re a dirtbag.

If you own a company that does any kind of sales and you constantly cut commissions and tinker with the compensation structure so that you can enrich yourself, you’re a dirtbag.

If you take advantage of customers because you have insider information that they don’t have access to, you’re a dirtbag.

I don’t do any of that crap. And I DESPISE the people who do. I just continue to try to do what most people call the right thing. I give people a fair deal, I try to treat them with courtesy and dignity and I try to help them a little bit. I’m not a charity, I’m a business, but I’m also not a slaughterhouse. I don’t have to gut the customers when they walk through the door. That doesn’t help anyone. And it really angers me that there are people who operate from that greedy I’m-going-to-get-mine philosophy. There EVERYWHERE in the gold business. So be careful. Shop around. Do a little research and come see us if you have any questions.

We’re NOT Goldwieser. We’re