Houston Cash for Gold

Cash for Gold – the expression just makes me cringe…I picture a grizzled old guy in a dark room wearing a tattered green visor, he’s ¬†balding, with a splash of liver spots peeking out from under a few stray strands of dyed but greying hair…probably smokes, and he pokes at your gold with nicotine-stained hands…nasty.

Is that too creepy? Sorry. But that’s the image I get. Cash for Gold. It’s sort of creepy right? Well, we’d like you to put that image of the cash for gold guy out of your head and let us create a new and better image.

At our store, the people are nice, and there’s lots of natural light. The flooring is a blond birch and the furniture is all wood, to create a natural, comfortable environment. It’s one of the things that’s important to us when we’re giving you cash for your gold – we want you to be comfortable. I mean giving you cash is great, but at the end of the day, if you’re not comfortable selling your gold, you’re not going to tell your friends.

And our staff is always friendly, appealing and makes every effort to ensure your comfort when you come in. We don’t smoke, so there’s no nicotine stained hands, we aren’t bald, and MOST of us don’t dye our hair…

So we do one thing, without doing the other. We give you cash for gold, but we don’t give you the creeps. You’ll never again associate cash for gold with something creepy. Give us a call, you’ll be pleasantly surprised…we’re not the regular Cash for Gold types.