Houston Gold Merchants Buys Scrap Gold

The number of places you can sell gold in Houston is declining. gold buying stores are closing all over the place. But not Houston Gold Merchants – we’re still buying gold and silver.

We aren’t shutting our stores (like Gold and Silver Buyers). We aren’t reneging on our lease agreements with our landlords (like Gold and Silver Buyers) and we aren’t changing our name to avoid paying our bills to vendors and other companies we’ve done business with.

We’re just buying gold and silver, giving great deals on gold jewelry, silver jewelry, gold and silver bullion and other precious metals.

Our plan was not to get rich quick by ripping people off. Our business plan was always to develop a smart, sensible business model that was predicated on buying gold at a fair price, buying and selling gold and silver bullion at competitive margins in a way that would ensure we would see lots of repeat business. And that’s what’s happened.

About 60% of our gold selling customers are return customers. They know that they’re getting a good deal and they know they can count on the fact that our staff is going to give them good advice regarding precious metals investments.

During the period when Gold and Silver Buyers moved into the area, our business was substantially reduced. But their business model stunk up the joint and they had to leave. It was a short term approach to business. It was clear from the fact that they offered people 30% of the value of their metals that Gold and Silver Buyers wasn’t interested in creating a long-term business, but instead they wanted a quick hit, get rich quick scheme. And they did. They made a fortune.

That’s just not my style. Buying gold for good prices makes more sense to me. Treating the customer with respect and making sure the process is fair when you buy gold – that’s a better way to do business.

So if you’ve got gold to sell in Houston, consider Houston Gold Merchants. We’ve for two locations inside the loop, one in the River Oaks area, one in the Heights. We operate them the same way, honestly, transparently and with a high degree of integrity.

We’re not in it for the short term, get rich quick – we’re in it to do good business in an honest way.

It hasn’t made us rich, but we have become one of the highest rated gold buyers in Houston. So if that’s worth anything, then maybe we are rich after all.

Houston Gold Merchants – please give us a call at 832 259 7225