Houston Gold Merchants, yes…But we also buy and sell silver

We admit it. We haven’t been completely honest. At least not about our name. For most of our existence, we’ve been calling ourselves Houston Gold Merchants, and yet, for as long as we’ve been around,  we’ve been buying and selling a great deal of silver. Sterling silver flatware, pure silver, US silver coins, called “junk” silver, even 80% silver from Columbia. We’ve bought it all…And all the while we’ve been calling ourselves Houston GOLD Merchants. The nerve…

Pretty brazen actually. Call yourself one thing but then buy another…But now it’s time to come clean. We’ve carried this dark secret with us for far too long and it’s time to come out of the gold closet and admit we’re actually attracted to both metals. We’re bi-metallic, if you will. Bi-metallic and proud. In fact we may start flying a flag with silver and gold stripes in front of the shop to show that we’re not ashamed of our bi-mettalicism.

But we’re actually going a step further…it’s not enough to just SAY we “like” silver. We’ve got to actually demonstrate our affection for silver. So from now on, we’re going to be honest and tell people right up front, “Yes, we buy silver coins, we buy sterling silver, we buy 90% silver coins, we buy pure silver…” We buy it all and we don’t care who sees us do it.

And we might even set up a separate landing page for silver buyers and sellers and answer questions and help people navigate the complexities of silver investments. So look out world – Houston Gold Merchants is coming out…we also buy silver and we’re not afraid to admit it. We’re not ashamed!!

Silver Power!!!

Houston Gold Merchants also buys silver.