How Can I Tell What Karat My Gold Is?

20161007_144736235If you’re going to sell gold in Houston and you want to get the highest payouts – you need to have some information about the karat weight of your gold..

Karat weight is different from carat weight. Karat with a “K” is for metal…and indicates purity of the metal. Carats with a “C” is for gemstones… and indicates the weight of a gem stone.

Okay – so what’s the “purity” of your gold? That’s the amount of pure gold that’s added to the mixture of other metals. Because gold is so soft, jewelers always mix it with other metals to give it strength. Let’s look at some examples…in the picture to the left, the karat weight is easily visible inside the band of this wedding ring…it’s clearly marked, “14K DP” In this example, the 14K of course stands for the karat weight. This particular ring is approximately 56-58% gold. The letters “DP” are the maker’s mark. The maker’s mark usually indicates who made the piece. So this 14K piece is about 56% gold and the remaining 44% is copper, silver, tin and perhaps some trace elements of other metals.