Miley Cyrus and the New Gold Standard for Marketing

Miley Cyrus - marketing gold

Miley Cyrus – marketing gold

So Miley Cyrus used to be a favorite of mine. I just thought she was a cute kid. I grew up in Oklahoma and she reminded me of girls I used know, my teen years are long gone…I’m old. But like most people, I wanted to believe I was still young at heart… And I used to tease my wife that if we broke up, I’d go date Miley Cyrus. It was a running joke.

We don’t joke anymore. With her latest performance at the VMAs, Cyrus has tried to make a bold statement and sadly, she succeeded. She become the most talked about “celebrity” and hers is now the gold standard by which all other sexually provocative performances, made in poor taste, by marginal talents, shilling their latest over-produced, auto-tuned wailings will be measured in the future.

And that’s no small feat. Remember who held the position at one time? My first recollection is Madonna and Britney Spears kissing. But in that case, Madonna was a reasonable talent. Love or hate her, she’d established herself as powerhouse in pop music for years. And while you could make the claim that she was trying to claw her way back to relevance with the kiss with Britney, at least she had some skills. That was later followed by Janet Jackson’s revealing Super Bowl halftime show…Janet Jackson’s pretty talented and she might have gotten more or less attention than she deserved being Michael’s sister, but still…she’s a legit entertainer…So there have been shocking performances before…and there have been decent entertainers doing outrageous things…that much has been tried.

But this is new low. Cyrus’s tongue-wagging, ass slapping, finger foam humping gesticulations set a new low – in an industry where lows get you noticed, she KILLED it.

I’m pretty sure she knew what she was doing. She was trying to distance herself from the Hanna Montana Disney character while at the same time doing something so outrageous and shocking, so completely irreverent, it would wake people up. And it did. And she knew it would. She actually said “that’s what you do at the VMAs.”

So Miley Cyrus now sets herself apart as the new whizkid of marketing, plopping herself onto the front page of every newsmagazine and television show and gold buyer commentary page on the planet. All in the name of marketing.

The new gold standard of marketing: Raunchy, foam finger-humping in the Thicke of it with a white, one-hit wonder rapper. That’s television gold.

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