Where’s the Best Place to Sell My Gold in Houston?

The best place to sell gold in Houston is increasingly Houston Gold Merchants. But – it’s the same as in any business…do business with people you know or do some research and check the internet. We are increasingly getting business from other areas of town and other gold buyers….people have begun to shop around. A world of information is available to everyone a the click of a button. You can check prices, compare rates and ensure that you get the most money for your gold.

Selling gold doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s mostly just the weight times the value of gold. Simple right?

So choose where you sell based on a knowledge of the market and a knowledge of the buyer. First the market: check the karat weights of your gold. All gold is either 10, 14, 18, or 22 karat. That means the gold content is either 41%, 58%, 75%, or 91% respectively. Using these values, you can finds out what you should be charged by taking the price of gold (currently $1575) dividing it by 31.1 (the grams in an ounce) and multiplying it by the karat weight percentage. So if you have 10K gold, divide the price of gold by 31.1 then multiply that result by .41 (41%). That will give you a total of approximately $21/gram. That’s 100% of what you could get for your metal. But the dealer will need to get paid (about 25%) and he’ll have to pay someone to melt it (about 6%) so you’ll end up getting about 13-14 pre gram. Which is fairly competitive.

So when you do the math, you’ll realize that the best place to sell your gold in Houston is the group that will give you the best deal, is relatively close to your home or place of business and doesn’t try to scam you. Lots of dealers assume the public doesn’t know these “secrets” and they’re right. Most people don’t. But if you’re reading this blog, you know the magic behind the numbers and can now make an informed decision as to the best place to sell your gold.

When you call for quotes, beware of anyone who won’t quote you over the phone. If they say, “You’ll need to bring it in” or “we don’t quote prices over the phone,” that’s a scam. Plain and simple. It’s just as easy to quote over the phone as it is in person. You just have to let people know that the prices can change. If they change, they change. It happens. But to say that “We don’t quote prices,” is a company that’s trying to get you in the door so they can put the pressure on you to sell.  Don’t fall for it. Call around til you get the price quote you want. Then go see that person. Then you’ll know you went to the best place to sell gold in Houston.