Best Prices to Sell Silver Houston

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we have the best payouts on silver in Houston. I always make an effort to give everyone the most accurate information, including pricing structures, payouts, and market movement. So when I say we have the best payouts, I’m not just blowing smoke.

We actually pay more than most. And since the downtown firm call Houston Precious Metals stopped taking scrap, our payouts are much higher than most in the industry.

Our philosophy is we want you back as a customer and we want you to refer your friends to sell silver to us. So we want you to leave happy and sure that you’re getting a good deal. So we educate you, walk you through the process of selling silver in Houston, and when you leave – you’ll tell someone else to come see us.

Other firms are changing their name after spending the last few years paying out below market prices. Our name remains the same. We do things the right way and we don’t see any reason to change our name.

I wouldn’t bother going to sell silver in Houston to the name changing guys. According to our customers, their payouts continue to be among the lowest in the city.

Another competitor, Regal Gold Buyers, recently changed ownership and I know the former owner…his payouts when you sell silver were very good, but his ex-wife is now running the show there, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I think they’re going bust. Not my first choice to sell silver.

There are a few independents that have sprung up recently who advertise best payouts…but they’re not even licensed as far as I can tell. What you probably should NOT DO is sell silver in Houston to someone who hasn’t even registered with the city or state authorities…

At Houston Gold Merchants, when you sell silver here, you get years of experience and a history of treating people with respect and courtesy. If you check our Yelp references, our Google references or any of our reviews, you’ll see that we just tell people the truth…we don’t try to make money on every client. Maybe that’s bad business. I don’t know. But what I’d rather do is give someone the straight scoop on what their best choices are for selling their silver in Houston, not necessarily make a quick buck. Eventually we’ll either go out of business or not. But in the course of buying and selling silver in Houston, we’ll have done things honorably.

So if you can make more money by selling your jewelry somewhere else, I’ll tell you that. I’ll just send you to whoever can make you the most. Sometimes that’s me. Sometimes it’s not.

But selling silver doesn’t have to feel like buying a used car. I’d like the industry to follow me to a place where business is transacted honestly and openly without duplicity or misdirection.

If you have any questions about selling silver in Houston, call Houston Gold Merchants. We buy and sell silver, too. 832 259 7225