Where to Sell Gold in Houston

As the price of gold continues to hover around $1750, you’ll continue to hear friends and family ask – “Where do I go to sell my gold in Houston?” Since most folks don’t do it very often, they don’t know how to answer the question of where to go to sell your gold. What would YOU say? Would you think about the huge advertising campaign that our competitor Gold and Silver Buyers uses to attract business? The one that includes billboards, TV, radio, print…Because they’ll certainly buy your gold…But all that ad space costs lots of money…and every time a customer goes in there, they’re paying for that ad budget. And it’s in the millions…One of their billboards alone on I-45 costs tens of thousands of dollars a month. And they pay for it with your gold.

So perhaps a better answer would be to find someone who’s a local vendor, who’s gotten good reviews online, runs a small shop – with very little overhead – and almost no advertising budget. Studies have demonstrated that developing a relationship with a local vendor is one of the best ways to ensure that you get a better deal. So look for an honest, straightforward buyer who understands the idea of customer service.

That’s how we do it at Houston Gold Merchants. We’re not trying to take over the world, we’re just trying to make an living, participate in the community to the extent that we can and consistently give people a good deal. It’s not rocket science…it’s not a secret. It’s publicly available information.

Though the way some of the stores do it, you’d think a security clearance was required just get any information from them. They don’t want you to know the prices because then you’ll realize that they’re charging you too much for your gold. If they told you they were only giving you a little over half the value, you’d leave, right? Well, they know that. So that’s why they don’t tell you.

So next time you wonder where to sell gold in Houston – think Houston Gold Merchants…our scale is on the front counter. We show you the daily price of gold by the ounce and by the gram. We don’t keep you in the dark about where the price came from – that’s dishonest. We’re happy to answer your questions because we WANT you to be informed when you try to find a place to sell gold in Houston. We hope you’ll take that into account.

There’s about a thousand places to sell gold in Houston, we hope you’ll make Houston Gold Merchants one of them.