Where to Sell Gold in Houston

If you want to sell gold in Houston, the best place to go for information is online:

Try Googling “Best place to sell gold Houston” or “sell gold Houston.” Both of these phrases will get you the top five or six gold buyers in Houston and you’ll be able to read reviews, get a feel for the companies and make a decision as to who to call. Once you decide who to call, consider running a test. Ask each company what they pay for gold – but keep this in mind: Just because they say they’ll pay a certain amount doesn’t mean they actually will when you get to the store. Sometimes, the classic bait and switch is in play. That’s where they give you a low price to get you in the door, then figure out a way  to pay you less once you get there.

Don’t let any gold buyer get away with that. Selling your gold should be a very easy, straightforward transaction. You should be quoted a price, then you should be given an amount very close to that price when you sell. Sometimes the price of gold changes and you should keep in mind that your quote may change, but that’s the way the market works. But it shouldn’t change much.

So be aware that gold buyers should quote you over the phone. Why wouldn’t they? Because they’re hiding something? A quote is easy. It’s just math. There’s nothing complicated about it. You’ll need to know the weight of the gold before you call any gold buyer in Houston. Then give them the weight and they should give you the price. It’s that simple.

I would be a little bit suspicious of any group that didn’t give you a quote over the phone.

For instance, Gold and Silver buyers doesn’t quote over the phone. That makes me wonder what they’re hiding. I can’t think of any justifiable reason not to do the math while someone is on the phone. If there’s a known quantity of gold, and there’s a known weight, it’s just math.

SO if you have questions about where to sell your gold in Houston, trust google, do your research and read reviews. There’s a lot of information out there, but you’re going to have to do the leg work to ensure you get the best deal.

Good Luck – Call Houston Gold Merchants at 832 259 7225 – we’re one of the best places to sell gold in Houston.