Who should I sell my gold to in Houston

We all want to get the most for our money, right? And we all want to get the best deal. So that’s why at Houston Gold Merchants, we show you the numbers. We don’t ask “How much did you want to get for this…” because that’s not going to get you the best deal. That’s going to get you ripped off.

When you choose to sell your gold to Houston Gold Merchants, we walk you through the process. We sit you down and show you what WE get paid, and then we show you, based on the total weight that you have, what we’ll pay YOU. It’s basic math. There’s nothing mysterious.

Generally speaking, you’ll be getting a minimum of 70% for you gold. Of every dollar, you’ll get 70%, our refiner will get three-to five percent and we’ll take about 20-22%…

And we will pay you in cash if you prefer.

So let’s review: We show you the numbers, we weigh the gold in front of you on a scale you can see. We never take the gold “in the back”, we do everything in a transparent, open way so that you can feel comfortable knowing what you’re getting. And then, to top it all off, we show you how we got the numbers we’re giving you…we show you the math. We’ll even quote you over the phone.

Now, that may not seem of much importance when you’re selling your gold in Houston, but it is. In other stores when you go to sell your gold, they ask what you think it’s worth. Seriously. That just reeks of a scam.

Gold and Silver Buyers does that. They ask you what you think the gold is worth. Then they make an initial offer of 50% of the value of the gold. But in recent months, the competition has begun to hurt them and they’ve started to make slightly higher offers and finish with an offer that is barely at the level we start at. Think about it. Their FINAL offer is almost as good as our first. That’s a scam and a shame.

It’s important to remember that nobody is required to give you a certain amount for your gold. So technically, they’re not breaking the law. But from a moral and ethical standpoint, let’s just say they’ve got some room for improvement.

I don’t expect that many people know that our competition is ripping people off. Folks are just happy to get money for their stuff. BUt I’m pretty sure they’d be a lot happier if they got what they were entitled to when they sold their gold.