Looking to Sell Gold in Houston?

Most folks don’t know what gold costs, but at our store, that’s okay – because we’ll walk you through the process. Don’t like math? Yeah, we get that. So we just do multiplication only. A basic transaction. We just show you the spot price and take you through the process.

At our competitors, (who shall remain nameless, but there name rhymes with Gold & Silver Buyers), they won’t tell you the price. They’ll say they can’t quote you on the phone because the price changes all the time…that’s all baloney. Of course it changes…but why couldn’t they tell you the price right now…? It’s crazy…seriously. What are they hiding? We’ll tell you. It’s okay…it’s no big deal…

In fact I’ll tell you right now. I’m typing at 11:30pm on a Thursday…the spot price of gold is 1671.00 on the Hong Kong Market…see? Easy. No big deal.

That’s part of the reason you can can get a good deal and an honest assessment of your gold and silver. We’re just going to tell you the price, weigh your gold, do the math. If there’s a way you can make more money, by selling your stuff on eBay or taking it to an antiques dealer, I’m happy to share that with you. I’m not a fan of doing bad business. I’d rather just give you information and let you dcided what you want to do.

So here’s the approximate prices you should expect when gold is around 1670:

For 18K gold, expect about 27-29/gram

For 14K gold, expect about 22-23/gram

For 10K gold expect about 15/gram

Pretty simple, huh? These prices are fair, our people can make a living, we’ll pay some bills – and here’s the best part. You keep most of your money. If you’re selling your gold in Houston and you’re not coming in to Houston Gold Merchants, I’m not sure what you’ll get paid…but I can tell you this: most dealers won’t tell you prices. I’m not sure why. Greed? Pride? I don’t know. But now they don’t have to…I just spilled the beans. Enjoy.

And if you bring in larger volumes of gold, or you come in with a friend and combine your gold, ours is a sliding scale. If you have more gold, your price per gram goes up. If you have more than 40 grams, the price goes up by 5%, if you have more than 80 grams – we pay you 80 percent.

When you sell you gold in Houston to Houston Gold Merchants, we weigh it on the scale right where you can see it. We walk you through the math so you know what we’re doing. We show you the up to date gold prices every minute you’re there. It shouldn’t be a secret. It’s gold for Pete’s sake, it’s not the Colonel’s Fried Chicken recipe…let’s not turn this into a bigger deal than it is.

So when you sell your gold in Houston, read up on it a little bit, make an informed decision and you’ll get more for your money.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, but by the way some dealers treat it, you’d think it was a very complex process. But it’s not.

It’s basic math. Price per gram times number of grams. Simple. Easy.

Sell your gold in Houston to Houston Gold Merchants. We’re not doing a 5 state expansion, we don’t brag that we’re #1 in Texas and we don’t charge you about 55% on your gold. Mostly because we don’t spend millions on an advertising budget. We’ll always start you at 70% and move up form there.

If you want to sell your gold and make more money – don’t go to the chain. Come visit us at Houston Gold Merchants. We’re open until 6pm every weekday and until 2 on Sunday.

It’s probably one of the best places to sell your gold in Houston, but I’m biased. I’m the owner.





Perhaps this will help – We pay 70% on scrap to start…right now that’s about $23.50+ for every gram of gold you have¬†that is 14K