Sell My Gold Houston? We’re doing the right thing.

There are plenty of places to go to sell your gold in Houston. At Houston Gold Merchants, we buy and sell scrap gold every day, but we don’t try to fake you out while we do it. We’re straight forward. We just tell you what’s up. We take the time to educate you (if you want to know) and we walk you through the process of selling your gold until you’re comfortable.

And, unlike out competitors, we don’t generate fake video and the subsequent responses on YouTube that will bring in business in a way that is duplicitous and phony. (Obviously I have a little bitterness about one of my gold buying competitors)

We’re just trying to do things in the right way. But let me be honest. It’s hard to stay legal and honest when it seems like all your competitors are cheating when they are buying gold. It’s hard.

One of our competitors has siphoned away a ton of business from us over the last several weeks with the aforementioned YouTube video. It’s not real. The comments about the video appear to be fake. They’re the same comments that exist on every video by the firm that he hired to make them…so it’s reasonable to assume that they’re mass-produced. The whole thing is a charade, but the problem is –

google can’t police it. There’s too much fake stuff for google to be on top of every gold buyer in the world. So it gets by and I get slammed. It’s killing me. Because I’m doing the right thing when people sell gold in Houston Gold Merchants. I’m doing the right thing and I’m paying a heavy price. What’s my motivation?

I don’t know. I have a conscience? My mom would yell at me? I don’t know. But I keep doing the right thing. Keep paying people well when they sell their gold. Being honest, telling the truth, helping people…but I watch these other guys just KILLING it, buying scrap gold,  and just faking their way to the top. It really does get tough to stomach after a while.

But we’re going to keep doing things right. When you sell gold in Houston Gold Merchants, you’ll get the most competitive payouts, but you’ll get more than that – you’ll get an honest deal. Not a shady dude who pays an outside firm to have fake comments generated on his behalf for his fake video. Is the whole world fake? Maybe.

Stay tuned. Houston Gold Merchants where you can sell gold Houston.