Where to Sell Gold – The Million Dollar Question

Millions of dollars in personal wealth are being lost when consumers don’t shop around for competitive gold prices. It’s a seller’s market, so a little shopping could make you thousands of dollars…While there is some trade off for convenience, stores that offer competitive prices can also offer fast cash, efficient service and friendly staff. Sadly, because few people do their homework, the question of where to sell gold often comes down to which advertisement they’ve heard most recently or which store is closest.

If the question of where to sell gold is one that you’re pondering, consider this: If you could buy milk right around the corner, while that’s pretty convenient, if you knew you could drive four miles and get a 30% better deal, that might make you do the math in your head, but you probably wouldn’t drive four miles to save a buck. But since the average gold transaction is 300+ dollars, 30% can mean that four mile drive can net you almost $100 – now would you consider it? Of course you would. Because $90 is worth a tank of gas on many cars, or at least a week of groceries for some families.

So it makes a difference. And based on the difference you’ll get in price, you could make an additional 90 dollars for fifteen minutes of research work. That’s 360 bucks an hour – pretty good money.

So when anyone asks you “Where do I sell my gold in Houston”, tell them to do a little research on the internet. Or have them call Houston Gold Merchants. We’ll act as an advisor. We want to grow the business slowly – unfashionably slowly. We want people to feel comfortable and satisfied when they leave our stores…because usually, then they’ll come back.

Houston Gold Merchants – we’re interested in more than your gold. We’re interested in building customers for the long term.brink-s-incorporated-office