Sell My Omega, Rolex, Breitling Watch

If you’re in the market to upgrade watches, free up some extra cash or would like to just inquire about your options regarding your watch – we can help.

We buy top brand watches in Houston. We want consumers to have some choices and information. So we’re here to provide that option.

When we look at your watch we’ll determine several things – age, condition and our ability to resell it. Of course we’re going to try to make a profit. But here’s what I do that’s different from others.

I like people to know how things work. I’m going to walk you through the process. I’ll tell you what the market is for your watch. I’ll tell you what I think I can have it serviced for (every watch we sell undergoes a thorough service prior to sale) and what the profit will be for my store. Nobody else will tell you that. But I WANT you to know that while I’m not going to buy a jet with the proceeds form the sale of your watch, I’ll make several hundred dollars…maybe a thousand or more. But here’s why I want you to know.

I’ll take a risk buying your watch. It may not sell quickly. It may not sell at all. It may need a great deal of service. It may need expensive parts (and all high-end watches have expensive parts) I’ll have thousands of dollars tied up in your watch for some long period of time until the watch sells.

So all of these risks make it important that we do a thorough job ensuring that the watch is in good condition and that it has retained some value for a future buyer. And many factor affect that value.

For instance. did you know that although condition and age are important factors, the value of a watch on the resale market jumps by as much as 10-15% if the original box and papers are included in the sale? That’s a significant increase in resale value simply for the wood, cardboard and paper that original came with the Rolex, Breitling or Omega watch.

So of course, don’t throw those out if you buy a watch and DO demand that they’re a part of any resale watch you buy. And if they are NOT part of your purchase, you should except to pay at least 20% less than market. This is an important consideration when selling or purchasing a watch in Houston.

We don’t expect that everyone will choose us, but our growing reputation as an honest broker of bullion, jewelry and investment coins has made it clear that we bring value to any transaction. That includes watches. We’ll pay you well because we keep our overhead low and we don’t try to kill you on pricing. We make our money a little bit at a time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We’ll be here…we hope you’ll come by.

Houston Gold Merchants. We do more than gold.