Selling Gold in Spring, Texas May Never Be the Same

If you want to sell your gold in Spring, TX, you might give Houston Gold Merchants a look. The newest location is at 19620 Kuykendahl Ste. 110 Spring, TX 77379 and offers all of the transparency and honesty that’s become a hallmark of our other locations. We always tell you where you’ll get the most money, even on the rare occasions where it might not be with us. Want to sell your gold but keep your stones? We get that. We can help. Want to get an appraisal, but not sure if you want to sell? We get that too…We’re happy to be one of the gold buyers in Spring, but we’re only going to buy your gold if it makes sense for you.

Sound strange? A gold store admitting that they don’t offer the “top dollar paid” or “best deals in town” or “highest payouts in town”? Doesn’t all of that trash talking sound foolish, anyway? I mean, can EVERYONE offer the highest payouts? Because it seems like everyone says it…but somebody MUST be falling short…they  can’t ALL be paying the highest, right?

So here’s what we say at Houston Gold Merchants of Spring:

We’ll pay you a competitive rate…but if it’s something antique or classic that might make you more money if you re-sold it, we’ll tell you that too. We’ll tell you that sort of thing about your gold because we place a high premium on honesty. We like the idea that we helped someone. Sure we like to make a profit, heck we HAVE to make some money…but we want to make sure that in the course of business, we give people good, clear information. Information that helps. If some information about your gold is helpful, we’ll tell it to you…even if we end up making less.

So try the Houston Gold Merchants in Spring…we’ll keep giving you answers to your questions about gold and diamonds, even if the answers don’t make us the most money…it’a all about integrity…and that’s more than just a slogan. That’s just how we are.

Try us out…Houston Gold Merchants in Spring, TX.