Selling Silver and Gold In Houston

Selling Silver or gold in Houston is easy and transparent at Houston Gold Merchants. We show you the numbers – tell you the percentage we pay so you can compare our prices with other stores. We’ll even quote you over the phone. We welcome the chance to compete and we want an informed consumer. That’s better for us. The more you know about dealing with people honestly and transparently, the more you’ll like us and the more you’ll like Houston Gold Merchants when you’re buying or selling silver or gold.

When we do a deal – it’s all out on the table – literally. We leave all your jewelry and bullion right on the counter. We don’t take it back behind the counter – why would we? What’s the reason for that? Cleaning? Pftt – please. That’s silly.

Let’s be adults – this is serious business. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and acquire the gold and silver you’re hoping to sell or buy the bullion you’re attempting to invest in. You don’t want to have to worry if people are being honest.

That’s why being straight with people is what I do. There’s not a single customer I’ve ever worked with who’s EVER wondered whether they got a good deal or not. It’s baked in to everything I do.

You’ll see the numbers, just like I do…and if you don’t want to sell (or buy) you don’t ever have to. There’s never any pressure. Every transaction should have options for you, the customer so that you can make choices about how you want to conduct your business. If I do that in every transaction, I’ll have lots of referrals and lots of returning business.

Mine is not a flashy style of business. It’s not going to be celebrated by the Chamber of commerce for most successful new business or recognized as some revolutionary new style of buying and selling precious metals…it’s just going to be old style.

Doing business the right way, honestly, every time.

And really, how hard is that?