Successful Fundraising Using Gold

So you want to hold a fundraiser. And of course you want it to be great. And you want it to make lots of money for your organization. So what’s the key? What separates a good fundraiser form a bad fundraiser? And how can you land yours in the former category and not the latter? Simple: Planning.

Good planning is what separates a great fundraiser from a good one and a good one from a bad one. The best fundraisers in Houston are arranged by professional organizations who devote their entire lives to producing great results. But that’s not you. You’ve already got a full time job. You’re pulled in twenty directions at once, and with corporate downsizing you’re wearing more hats than ever before.

So how can you hold a successful fundraiser in Houston without spending a fortune and without devoting all your waking moments to yet ANOTHER task?

Hire Houston Gold Merchants. We’ve raised the bar in fundraising. Our ideas make it easy for you to: 1) Make money for your organization 2) KEEP most of the money you make (most companies charge you as much as 70% of the total!!) 3) Do it without devoting much time and energy.

How’s it work? Glad you asked…we’re a precious metals dealer. And we know the value of the orphaned earring, or the no-longer-in-style gold necklace that’s been sitting in one of your members’ drawers. There’s a reason people have been buying and selling gold lately. And it can translate directly to funds for your capital improvement or special philanthropic.

If we can show you how to get those items out of the drawers and into your accounts, you’ll be successful, raise money for your chosen cause and we’ll have helped another client. Yes, we’ll make money. But it’ll be while we’re doing something good and that’s nothing to be ashamed of…

So what are you waiting for? Use the customer contact form here and we’ll get you information in a flash that can help you become a more successful fundraiser. It’s not rocket science, right? You need some participation from your membership, you need to advertise it effectively (we’ll show you how to do that) and you need to leave the rest to us.

We even give you the verbiage to put in your newsletter or facebook page. So don’t worry. You’re an insider now. You’ve got the info tat’s going to make you a success. You can walk around grinning form ear to ear about how successful your fundraiser’s going to be and nobody will know why you’re so happy. But you will. You’re about to run the most succe